An aged care facility’s property manager must ensure not only the operational integrity of the facility but also the safety of its residents. Despite it being an unspoken rule that most assisted-living businesses follow, a statutory requirement also exists. 

Care home operators may face hefty penalties when they fail to meet these statutory obligations. While the maintenance plan may vary from one facility to another, there are some essential maintenance tasks every manager must perform for general safety, compliance, and smooth operation. 

HVAC, Heating and Ventilation 

As a result of the pandemic, good ventilation and well-maintained heating systems have become increasingly important. The boiler pipes should be checked and the ventilation filter changed regularly. In addition, air conditioning systems must be inspected for energy management every five years. 

Plumbing and Fixtures

A well-maintained plumbing system, toilets, sinks, and other fixtures should be in good condition. Plumbing systems that malfunction can lead to leaks, become unsanitary, or even pose safety risks. 


Regular maintenance is required for the interior of your aged care facility. Ceilings, floors, and walls can develop cracks and begin to wear out quickly. In addition, this can put residents and staff at risk. 

Keeping the interiors clean regularly is important to ensure sanitary conditions for your residents. Moreover, you may have to paint the interiors to freshen up the ambiance.


The exteriors of your aged care facility should also be in good condition at all times. Cracks in the building’s exterior should be repaired as soon as possible, or else they will become vulnerable to the vagaries of the elements and even general wear and tear. Additionally, it’s important to have the exterior walls painted in order to keep the property looking great while providing a layer of protection from the elements.