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Trained contractors painting the walls

Top 3 benefits of outsourcing facility maintenance.

If you are wondering whether you should outsource facility maintenance, here are the top 3 compelling reasons you should. 

To outsource or not to outsource? It may seem like a difficult choice for managers who are always looking for ways to cut down costs whilst maintaining efficient operations. Although outsourcing facility maintenance can come with its own challenges like firing facilities maintenance staff, the benefits are significant. 

Maintenance Officer going on leave?

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74 aged care sites can’t be wrong. Getting rooms painted faster makes sense

Get Vacated Rooms Painted Faster

Delays in room turnaround could be costing more than you think!

Most aged care homes run near full capacity and usually with a waiting list at some point.

Welcome to Careforce Group

Get Vacated Rooms Painted Faster

Welcome to Careforce Group.

We are proud to be delivering a great range of property and personnel services to the aged care and independent living industry. Services like:

Rapid Paint Solutions – quick turnaround of vacated rooms