The NDIS scheme can offer funding for gardening, cleaning, and other home maintenance tasks so long as you meet the eligibility criteria. 

If your disability keeps you from performing some tasks, the NDIS provides funding so you can hire help to perform these tasks. However, knowing what’s covered or who is eligible can be tricky.  

Does NDIS provide funding for gardening, cleaning, and other home maintenance tasks? 

The short answer is YES. The NDIS offers funding for cleaning, home maintenance, and gardening if you meet the NDIA’s eligibility criteria:

First, the task should be directly related to your disability and your NDIS goals.

Second, you should meet the reasonable and necessary criteria. 

For instance, if you live alone and require help cleaning your home, the NDIS may offer funding so you can hire someone to help clean your entire home. 

However, if you do not live alone (say, you live with your parents or share a house with someone), you would receive funding for those tasks that are reasonable, necessary, and related to you.

This means that the service provider may help with cleaning your bedroom or other personal space but not common space. 

Specialist tasks such as plumbing or electrical work are not covered by the NDIS.

Generally speaking, if your disability prevents you from cleaning, home maintenance, or gardening tasks, it will likely be considered reasonable and necessary and you can claim your NDIS funding for these tasks.

How is this funded? 

Funding for tasks such as cleaning, home maintenance, and gardening generally fall under the “Core Support Category.”

The support category called “assistance with daily life” has been designed to help provide support for daily tasks. 

The Core Support funding affords you the flexibility to choose a task that you need help with. This means that if you meet the NDIS reasonable and necessary guidelines, you can use the funding for any task in this category.