Hiring contractors is an important part of providing the highest standards of safety and care for your residents. The health and safety of your residents is your biggest priority and you want to be sure that the contractor shares your sentiments. 

Workplace health and safety in aged care facilities is crucial because you are responsible for taking care of vulnerable people like those with disabilities, dementia and other health concerns. Here are some of our top tips for ensuring the health and safety of your contractors.

Set Out Your Expectations and Rules

Carrying out maintenance in your aged care facility isn’t just about applying paint or cleaning a floor. The primary concern in an aged care facility is the happiness and safety of your residents. 

All work must be carried out efficiently and with minimal disruption. Your facility’s workplace health and safety regulations must clearly communicate this and outline guidelines and rules to help maintain work ethics and respect for the residents. 

Contractor Compliance 

Once the rules have been outlined for your contractors to comply with, consider examining the existing regulations and laws concerning aged care facilities. 

Although you may have covered most of the important health and safety aspects, it’s equally crucial to ensure you and your contractors comply with government regulations

Prepare Well 

Although your contractors have expertise and experience in complying with health and safety regulations, you must remember that it’s your facility. And who knows your facility more than you? Be sure to carry out ample due diligence of your facility before the contractors arrive. 

Inspect the facility thoroughly and make sure you know the industry standards. Being prepared will help you in ensuring that the workplace health and safety standards in your facility are not only foolproof but also lead to safer, better results.