Building maintenance isn’t easy. It’s laborious, tedious, and complex. However, it’s important to prioritise preventative building maintenance. After all, neglect can result in expensive repairs, decreased business, or annoyed tenants. By keeping on top of important maintenance tasks, you can ensure your building stays in an optimal condition at all times. Use this building maintenance checklist from Careforce Group every year to make sure your building looks good year after year. 

General Building and Interior

  • Check the ceilings, floors and walls for any sign of damage.
  • Inspect locks, handles and hinges on windows and doors to ensure they are in working order.
  • Ensure the stairs & railings aren’t loose.
  • Check for signs of water damage or leakage in ceilings and bathrooms.
  • Carry out routine pest control treatments.
  • Check the condition of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace batteries once a year.
  • Check the condition of the paint.


  • Inspect plumbing pipes, vents and fixtures.
  • Inspect windows, doors and railings for signs of damage.
  • Check the roof tiles to ensure there are no cracks.
  • Check the condition of the paint – is it mouldy, peeling or discoloured? 
  • Clean the roof and gutters.
  • Clean all debris or trash on the property grounds.
  • Check for plant life on the roof or walls of the building.
  • Check the condition of the fencing.

Building Systems

  • Check the sprinkler system and fire alarm system.
  • Plumbing: Check for any signs of water damage and leaks. Hire a plumber for a thorough inspection. 
  • Electrical: Look for loose fixtures or wires. Be sure to hire an electrician for a complete inspection.
  • Inspect the elevators. 
  • Check the cooling and heating systems. 

Parting Thoughts

Once your technicians have carried out a complete inspection, they will provide you with a report. Be sure to save these reports on file. The experienced team at Careforce Group can take care of all your worries with our professional building maintenance services. Request a free quote today!