An aged care home offers the elderly a home away from home. Nonetheless, it’s a difficult and emotional phase. Seniors living in care homes are not as independent as those living in retirement homes and require assistance and support to carry out daily and routine tasks. 

At Careforce, we believe that your care home must be welcoming and shouldn’t have the vibes of an institution. One way to achieve that is through regular maintenance of your care home. Here are our top tips to create a comfortable environment for your residents. 

Lawn Maintenance

Irrigation, weed control, pruning, and pest management are some of the important parts of lawn maintenance. A well-maintained lawn not only looks beautiful but it helps boost your mood. 

If it’s a small garden, consider installing drip systems or sprinklers to automate the task while saving some time and money on watering the plants. 

However, soil aeration, pruning, and drought-tolerant landscaping are all best left to professionals. 

Building Maintenance

Regular building maintenance helps ensure the building stays structurally strong for years to come. As a property manager, you’ll want to ensure that all the possible issues are handled before they turn disastrous. 

Facility managers must respond to a variety of issues including air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, and roofing. 

These are critical areas that require proactive maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of your aged care home. These 

If hiring a full-time technician is proving to be expensive, you can hire a facilities maintenance company on an annual contract. This is not only efficient but also cost-effective. 


Regularly painting the exterior and the interior surfaces is important to keep your aged care facility in top condition. 

Not only does it help prevent wear and tear but it also improves the aesthetic appeal of the property thereby improving the mood of the residents. It also plays a crucial role in attracting new residents.