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We are a NDIS registered property maintenance company in Cheltenham with years of experience providing support to NDIS participants.

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NDIS Accredited Property Maintenance Services in Cheltenham, Melbourne.

In Cheltenham, accessibility and proper maintenance of properties are vital for individuals with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plays a crucial role in ensuring that people with disabilities have access to the support and services they need. In this regard, Careforce, a leading disability service provider, takes pride in its commitment to delivering high-quality NDIS property maintenance services in Cheltenham. This article explores how Careforce goes above and beyond to create inclusive environments for NDIS participants, promoting safety and independence.

Understanding NDIS Property Maintenance

The NDIS is an Australian initiative that provides funding for various supports and services to people with disabilities. Property maintenance is an essential aspect of this scheme, as it ensures that the living spaces of NDIS participants are safe, accessible, and conducive to their unique needs.

Property maintenance under NDIS includes various tasks, such as home modifications, general repairs, and safety improvements. These services enable individuals with disabilities to live comfortably in their homes while removing barriers that may hinder their mobility and independence.

Careforce’s Approach to NDIS Property Maintenance

Tailored Solutions: Careforce recognizes that each NDIS participant has unique requirements. As such, their property maintenance solutions are tailored to suit individual needs. The company’s experienced team works closely with participants, their families, and support coordinators to identify necessary modifications or repairs.

Qualified Professionals: Careforce employs a team of skilled and qualified professionals who have extensive experience in disability support and property maintenance. These experts understand the specific challenges faced by people with disabilities and are adept at delivering personalized solutions.

Compliance with Regulations: NDIS property maintenance must adhere to strict regulations and standards. Careforce ensures that all modifications and repairs meet the necessary guidelines, providing participants with peace of mind and ensuring their safety.

Efficient and Timely Services: Timeliness is crucial in property maintenance. Careforce prioritizes quick response times and efficient service delivery to minimize disruptions to participants’ lives.

Range of Services: From installing ramps and handrails to adapting bathrooms and kitchens for wheelchair accessibility, Careforce offers a comprehensive range of property maintenance services. This ensures that participants can easily access different areas of their homes, promoting independence and enhancing their overall quality of life.

The Impact of Careforce’s NDIS Property Maintenance

The property maintenance services provided by Careforce have a significant impact on the lives of NDIS participants in Cheltenham. By removing barriers and making homes more accessible, individuals with disabilities experience increased mobility and independence. Moreover, these modifications often reduce the need for external support, allowing participants to live more autonomously.

Additionally, the safety improvements and repairs carried out by Careforce enhance the overall well-being of participants, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries within the home environment. This leads to greater peace of mind for participants and their families, knowing that they are living in a secure and supportive setting.


Careforce’s unwavering commitment to NDIS property maintenance in Cheltenham, Melbourne has made a significant difference in the lives of NDIS participants. By providing tailored and efficient services, Careforce enables individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives in their homes, promoting independence and accessibility. As Cheltenham continues to prioritize the well-being of its residents, Careforce remains at the forefront, ensuring that every step towards an inclusive society is taken with care and dedication.

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